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If you are looking for free GUI (non-open source). Sourcetree It's not Mac OS X native, but you can give Eclipse's SVN client a try. It works on. SmartSVN. The popular Subversion client for macOS, Windows and Linux. Available as free Foundation edition and as full-featured Professional edition.

Repository commands can be executed from the enhanced context menu provided by Tortoise. SmartSVN is available in three different editions: A free Foundation edition with fewer features and two commercial editions called Professional and Enterprise with the full feature set. Some programmers prefer to have a client integrated within their development environment. Such environments may provide visual feedback of the state of versioned items and add repository commands to the menus of the development environment.

It is common to expose Subversion via Webdav using the Apache web server. In this case, any Webdav client can be used, but the functionality provided this way may be limited. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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This article has an unclear citation style. And I don't like idea of integrating back and forth. Definitely something to consider in any case. Just think of the svn repo as the place that you push to!

Mac OS X Lion - Free SVN plugin (SCToolbarButton)

Because that's what git-svn does. Philippe Gilbert Philippe Gilbert 2 2 silver badges 10 10 bronze badges.

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Source Tree is pretty good, I've been using it for some Git projects, but it doesn't do SVN natively , it only does so through Git or Mercurial compatibility layers, which may or may not be an issue in this case. Graham Miln Graham Miln Jason Salaz Rene Larsen Rene Larsen 5, 20 20 silver badges 31 31 bronze badges.

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Thanks for the answers on this. Be sure to read the promotion section on Help Center if you recommend the same software several times.

Terence Terence 1. You can also use the terminal terminal. Type "svn help" to find out how to use the svn with the promp.

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SamirBoulil SamirBoulil 9. The Op says he knows this but does not want to do this. You can also add new files, and delete files to remove them from the repository. After you commit , everyone in your team can see the new revision, and update their working copies to get the latest changes. Later, it's also easy to figure out who commited what and when. Keep it clear with Versions' polished interface.

Subversive Features

Quickly scan through revisions and review commit logs, added, deleted and modified files in the Timeline. Work on your working copies in the Browse view and instantly see the status of every file and folder. Review local changes with your favorite file comparison app and commit, update and revert with ease.

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Versions puts the power of Subversion at your fingertips. Heading back in time to revert to an earlier revision?


Trying to figure out who changed that line of code? Also done. Want to lock some files to prevent conflicts, or need to see every revision they're changed in? Double done. When you are ready, all of the advanced features you need are waiting for you.