Mac os x split zip archive

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Thank you. Hello, I need help to find a software on Mac OS, that can compress and split large files, but also give the ability to self extract those files.

Splitting Zip files

I need to send big files to clients. I don't want the client to go and install extra soft like Unarchiver, etc I know that Mac Os now don't need special software to extract files.

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But when you split the files, Mac Os cannot extract them and you need special software like Unarchiver to do that. That's the big problem i'm having.

The Unarchiver

Split a large ZIP file into multiple parts to allow it to be more easily transported to customers You can do this from the terminal window of your OS X Macintosh. OS X comes with the aptly named Archive Utility that can be used to extract contents of compressed zip files, or create zipped archives of your.

Anyone knows a software i can use, even a Paid application, that give the ability to split files with an auto extract feature and don't need to install any extra soft to extract to concatenate the different parts and extract the file. Thanks a lot for your help. Hello Emma, It's mostly about files that i need to send to client.

Using a Windows Computer

A folder filled with big pdf, jpg, png, illustrator files, photoshop files, etc. And we cannot reduce the sizes because they need to be in upmost quality.

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So, we need to compress that folder, and then split that zip into several parts, resulting in one part being auto-extractable. In windows, it's possible. But i can't find any application that can do that in OSX.


Thanks, Keven. DeltaMac Tech. Try Keka. Keka does not create self extracting of split zip files. Tried already.

If your friend also has iZip, imagine them browsing your photos and videos in Cover Flow mode, viewing a slideshow and even playing your videos - all without having to extract anything from the file you sent them. Due to iZip's tight Mac integration all of this is easily possible! Secure your confidential data with powerful AES encryption.

How to zip files on Mac

Keep unwanted eyes away from your personal information by encrypting your zip files using the powerful security features of iZip. Tired of hitting email attachment size limits or getting a bounce notification after spending half an hour or longer waiting for an email message to go through?

Never waste time worrying about whether your file got through ever again! With iZip you have the ability to share your archive in a few clicks using the tight integration with the wonderful, fast and secure files. Securely send and receive files amongst your friends and colleagues - even those running Windows or Linux!

Using a Mac Computer

This option is to ensure that unzip -a on Unix will get back an exact copy of the original file, to undo the effect of zip -l. Compatibility : Have BetterZip remove Mac specific files from archives for archives that look and behave well on Windows. You cannot, however, use decimal points when specifying sizes in the Other size field. Retrieved 27 September ZIP tools available, and numerous. Include the volume label for the drive holding the first file to be compressed.

Easy-To-Use When you open an archive with iZip it appears as a removable disk. Download Free.

Archives made simple

Zip and unzip files Use the familiar Mac Finder to easily manage the contents of the most common archive file formats such is those created by WinZip, WinRAR and others.