Elmedia player for mac review

Elmedia Player and Folx are safe to use via Setapp

Elmedia Player is a media player for Mac to accomplish the obvious media playing needs of a Mac user. But is it just like any other media players out there that just play some media files and does nothing more? According to the company, Elmedia can play almost any media file formats out there and stream them to AirPlay, Chromecast , and DLNA-enabled devices without any external codecs. That sounds something interesting. So, we decided to give a deeper look into this Mac media player app and its features. Without further due, here is the Elmedia player review.

With a nice interface comprising of the essential media player controls, at the first look, it is nothing but a normal media player that you have been using. It will let you watch your favorite video files from YouTube, Vimeo, or wherever you want it from without any ads in your media player itself.

Elmedia Player: fast and simple video player for macOS

Enjoying your videos without the interference of those annoying ads is definitely an appreciable feature. As you get to know more about this software, you might enjoy it.

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Almost any formats are supported in this simple media player that can be easily played just by dragging and dropping to the player. Streaming media files are faster when compared to the competitors out there. The simple UI also gives complete control over the media files played on the screen. So, all in all, Elmedia did an excellent job in crafting an eye-popping media player that looks simple from the outside but is actually a warehouse of features. A simple view of the Elmedia player may not be that impressive.

But a few hours of usage will be. So, do not measure something based on how it looks.

With Elmedia, You can Play Media on your Mac.

For example Speaking of VLC, it more than likely also has most, if not all of these features. Most browsers have the capability to display a site as source code more on that here , but this gets cumbersome juggling more than one website at once. Michel Martineau. Sign in Create account. Apple in June Email will not be published.

Click on the "Download All" button to start the loading. If you want to get separate files from the playlist check the videos you need and press "Download" button. To playback YouTube lists of videos in your browser also use the browser mode. Open YouTube channel in the Elmedia browser mode, select a playlist you want to view and press "Play All" button. You can change the playback order by skipping videos, forwarding, and returning to the previous files.

Free universal media player for Mac operating systems

It allows you only to choose the formats and resolutions for videos before pressing "Download". You can easily manage your playback speed for any media file in 5KPlayer alternative for Mac.


Speeding up or slowing down a video is as simple as ABC. Press the hotkey or the menu option until a desired speed is reached.

Comprehensive Formats Support

To increase the speed make the same actions. Repeat and Shuffle options are the same as in iTunes. You can also stream your content from Macbook by using Elmedia installed on another Mac. For more details click here. AirPlay Mirroring is supported as well. This feature is important for those who wants to diversify video playback.

Such functions as Flip video image vertically, Rotate, Mirror and revert to original, Adjust brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Deinterlacing video, Equalizer with custom presets, etc. Sometimes users happen to find the tool too sophisticated for them.

Elmedia Player PRO Review: So Much More Than A Media Player

They complain about crashes or less file types are supported than they expected, etc. Try also. You can take a look at the 2 screenshots below and decide which one you prefers. In my opinion, the image from Elmedia Player is smoother but it lacks some details. The Elmedia Player PRO version can even cast 4K videos to supported devices; It streams in their native formats or will transcode the files in real time.

I highly recommend you to check out the Elmedia player if you often watch movies on your Mac. The free version can satisfy most users and if you are interested in the advanced features like 4K video streaming , you can upgrade anytime at a very affordable cost. Your email address will not be published.

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