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Inserting Symbols is harder in Office for Mac

Female symbol ♀

Is anywhere to find the normal male and female symbols, used by biologists? Default male and female symbols in Word for Mac The male symbol ♂ is the astrological symbol for Mars and the female symbol ♀ is the To insert ♂/♀ in Microsoft word (PC version), use the "Insert/Symbol. For both Mac and PC, Astrological fonts can be purchased from denepapobig.gq

Can you give me any info? I'm not a Mac user -- but I'm sure it's the same concept as in Windows.

Inserting Symbols in Word 2016 for Mac

All Windows versions contain a program that will show you every available character for any given font. I Googled "charmap. The answer returned was Charmap. You can follow the link below to a discussion of your Mac issue and the use of the Mac Character Palette.

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Hope this helps. Originally posted by htp View Post. Amen to that.

Like Microsoft, Apple knows what I need, and what I want is irrelevant. You can also choose any keyboard layout you like Peter.

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Wait, now that I'm trying it, I see that it doesn't show some foreign fonts, I wonder if it's not unicode aware? Last edited by kohanmike ; , I agree that this is a nice utility, but as far as I can tell you still have to visually search for the symbol you want?

Or maybe the paid version is different than the demo? Originally posted by kohanmike View Post. I think that's because Apple must be hiring Windows designers in an effort to steal away Windows users, but all it's doing is making the Mac a crappier operating system.

How to Make the Copyright Symbol on Windows and Mac Computers

I hate how everything is so hidden now, there's no way for a novice user to ever know those operations exist, it's plain stupid. With the release of Canvas Draw, I finally upgraded from Snow Leopard to El Capitan and I'm not liking a whole lot of things, it's so much more awkward and as you say, clumsy, like Windows has always been. There used to a Keyboard Viewer, an image of your keyboard, then just pick a font and hold down any key or combination of command keys to see every possible character choice.

Where and why it went away has stumped me for years. If Word for Mac supported the full range of characters, the subset feature would let you jump to a group of characters.

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The fix for Macintosh users is the same as in Office for Windows … look to the operating system. The equivalent on the Mac is the expanded keyboard setting. Now the top toolbar has an extra icon.

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