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Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate. Stream 4K with Chromecast Ultra. Improve 4K Video Conversion Speed. Does Plex support H. OS X v2. Quick Guide: Add subtitles to video 1. It was developed by Cheetah International. It originated in the caption-embedding software Captionate. It was developed by the European Broadcast Union. QT — Caption format used for QuickTime video or audio. It was developed by Apple. It was originally developed by Sonic and stands for "Scenarist Closed Caption. All Solutions. You need to make sure the disk doesn't contain any data that you want to keep, as the first step is to delete all existing partitions.

You need a partition manager that supports JFS and Ext3 to set up the partitions. You can install them on Ubuntu using the Software Center.

First delete all existing partitions. Don't forget to apply the changes. Next create a primary JFS partition. The size of the partition is the amount of space you want to allow for LG recordings. I used about half the disk. Next create a primary Ext3 partition. You need to allow about 50MB for this - don't make it any bigger, or else it will take a long time to connect, when you plug the drive into your TV. You can use the remaining space to create a partition of whatever file system type you choose.

How to sync subtitles in VLC on Mac

Then disconnect the drive from Linux, and connect it to a Windows PC. You need to use a physical disk editor to fix the partition IDs. I used Hxd - download from mh-nexus and install it in Windows. Incidentally I tried to install it in Linux using Wine, but could not successfully access the disk. You will probably need to choose disk 2 if you only have one other hard drive in the system. Make sure you get the right one, or else you might render your system unbootable.

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Now look for the two partition IDs, 83, which are located in the first disk sector. On my hard drive these two bytes are located at offset 1C4 and 1D4 16 bytes apart.

How to Synchronize Video and Subtitles

Change each of these two bytes to A2, and then close HxD. Now you're done. Disconnect the hard drive from your PC and connect to the TV. It should say "Connecting USB", and then after a short wait, you are ready to start recording. You can still use partition 3 for whatever you choose on other PCs and devices, but the one drawback is that you will not be able to play any media files on your LG TV that were not recorded by it.


If you want to fix the subtitles 'for good', I recommend Subtitle show 3 more comments. There is a much more easy way to do this via the advance synchronisation functionality of VLC . With VLC for Mac (mine is v). pour Mac - SubFix (SubFix) L'outil qui répare les sous-titres. façon bien plus poussée qu'en utilisant les touches H et J sous VLC.

After you have made a few recordings, there will be some files on partitions 1 and 2. You may need to alter the permissions before you can see the files by connecting the drive to a Linux box and entering a command like this one for Ubuntu :.

There are some biggish files in directory REC on Partition 1, which I guess must contain video data, but I have not been able to play these files using any of the main media players. Chances are the data is encrypted, so there's not much hope of decoding it, but any thoughts on how they could be accessed are welcome. It will work with any USB stick which shows up as local disk not removable disk in windows.

How to make a USB flash drive or an SD card to be identified in the system as a common local hard disk.

You may ask why it is necessary. The matter is that by default Windows identifies all the flash drives and memory cards as removable drives that can not be split into several partitions with any of the standard Windows tools. And even if the USB flash drive is split into two or more partitions using third-party utilities say, in Linux , only the first partition is available in Windows.

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Windows supports working with multiple partitions only for HDDs identified as local i. Windows recognizes a USB flash drives as removable devices due to the presence of a special bit descriptor RMB removable media bit on each of the devices.